living on purpose with adhd

Living on Purpose
with adhd

Often, those with ADHD can become very good at masking their identity, trying to hide who they are to blend in, to seem like they have it together or to avoid conflict. After years of being told to “try harder,” “you’re just lazy,” or being labeled as “stupid,” we have built up many false beliefs and have told ourselves many false stories which causes us to lose touch with who we are, who we truly are.

The unfortunate result of this leads us to unhappiness, unfulfillment and endlessly searching for more.

We can be consciously unaware of the root cause which can often be a result of not honoring our core values, passions and strengths while allowing old beliefs to hold us back from moving forward to living our lives on purpose.

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This is what you can expect:

  • New insights about yourself, your values, strengths and passions
  • Exciting exercises to encourage growth and self-awarenss
  • Reframing negative thoughts
  • Get to know yourself better and find your way to living on purpose with ADHD

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